Corporate clothing for all industries

Trend Workwear offers a wide selection in representative and functional corporate clothing for all industries. Either you’re working in the hospitality sector, healthcare or as a service engineer, we make sure to dress every one in a way that adds to your company’s image.

Professional image
Corporate workwear is a must-have. More and more companies acknowledge the importance of comfortable and representative clothing. Employees find working in corporate workwear more enjoyable, for example healthcare or the hospitality sector. Besides, professional workwear makes a good impression on clients, patients or guests. Recognizability is very important and something we provide in by branding workwear with the company name or logo, in print or embroidered.
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For professional workwear you’ve come to the right place. Literally, because who walks into our store, will surely walk out with a suitable outfit. With our workwear we are present in various sectors e.g. logistics, construction, engineering, maritime, landscaping, you name it.
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Workwear needs to fit properly
It is of highest importance workwear fits well, is comfortable and suits your profession. We are more than happy to advise you on the workwear package most suitable for your company’s requirements and wishes.

Safety is important
In some professions employees have to deal with dangerous working conditions. We take note of that in our clothing advice. For example, if employees often work in the dark, visibility is a requirement and therefore we’ll advise high visibility workwear. If your employees work with specific (electrical) devices, PPE’s are of utmost importance e.g. working gloves, protective glasses and safety helmets. We also provide rain clothing or fire resistant workwear.

For your convenience we have listed the most common safety standards.